Wednesday, 13 September 2017

DWP Whistleblower Exposes Obscene System

I've just read this post by Mike Sivier of Vox Political

With the way that the disabled, the ill, the poor, the unemployed, the elderly, and anyone who needs a helping hand, are being treated by the Tory Government, reading this wasn't a surprise - what does surprise me, is that it has taken 7 years for the ordinary man and woman in the street to actually start taking notice, and believing, what's been happening in front of them all this time!

Unless more people wake up to the thousands-upon-thousands of unnecessary deaths, happening every year in the UK, but especially since the Tories took power from their right-wing buddies, the Blairites, it's going to become a real health - and financial - catastrophe here in the UK. 

If nothing gets done, and very soon, we'll be catapulted straight back in time to the Victorian days, where you only have medical treatment if you can afford to pay for it and, if you become unemployed, ill, disabled, or elderly, and can't work any more, then tough - you starve!

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